By Chloe Aiello

Now that cannabis legalization is sweeping the U.S. and Canada, legal weed is joining the Black Friday shopping madness.

For those cannabis enthusiasts on the hunt for heady deals, educator and consultant Emma Chasen discusses best practices for a thrifty ー and legal ー "Green Friday."

The top trends in cannabis this year include educational materials, smoking accessories and infused butter, Chasen said.

"The #1 gift, I think, is going to be educational tools," said Chasen, who owns and operates Eminent Consulting. "I know that people have questions and need more answers."

Chasen's top educational gifts include products from Goldleaf, which creates high-quality journals, like its new cooking companion that aims to help marijuana foodies incorporate cannabis into their cooking. Goldleaf is offering 18 percent off purchases of $25 or more with the code TDAY18.

For accessories, Chasen recommended MJ Arsenal, which sells ー in smoke shops and dispensaries nationwide ー signature bubblers and mini-rigs that add "that extra water cooling for your smoke." For Black Friday, the company is offering 25 percent off online with code MJAGREEN25.

Magical Butter is Chasen's answer to all things infused. The company's Magical Butter machine allows enthusiasts to infuse cannabis ー or herbs of any kind ー into butter, fat, oil, and even lotions and skincare products. The company has deals online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, using codes MBGREEN and MBRED.

For anything else, Chasen recommended consulting The Daily Leaf, an Oregon-based cannabis discount. The website, which promises users they'll "never pay full price for weed again," functions as an online coupon book ー and now they even have an app.

But before the shopping euphoria takes hold, Chasen recommends that budget hunters bear in mind that there are still a lot of restrictions on cannabis. Enthusiasts can buy online ーeven across state lines ー but only if the items aren't medicated or infused with cannabis. Marijuana apparel, for example, would fall into that category. For everything else, shoppers will have to buy local.

"Unless you live in an adult use regulated state where there are specific delivery programs with dispensaries, like in California, then you would not be able to order a joint online and get it shipped to someplace, like New York," Chasen said.

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