“Black Panther” costume designer Ruth Carter drew inspiration from the ancient traditions of Africa’s indigenous for her latest creations, and she says the blockbuster’s audience is in for a treat.

“They’ll see another type of superhero movie that has not been done before,” she told Cheddar. “The expectations are being met everyday. I mean the ticket presales have broken records already.”

The movie, which opens on February 16, set a record for pre-orders on Fandango in the first 24 hours tickets were available, surpassing “Captain America: Civil War.” Some forecasters expect the film to break box office records when it’s released as well.

Carter, a two-time Academy Award nominee with a career that spans three decades, says that dressing actress Lupita Nyong'o, was her favorite part of this project.

“She had a lot of looks -- she’s undercover, she plays an African princess -- so we were all over the map creating her look.”

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