John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry joins Cheddar on the day it moves to the New York Stock Exchange after 30 years at the Nasdaq. Chen explains that it's time to relaunch the company in order for customers to feel more connected. Trading at the New York Stock Exchange will help BlackBerry with that mission. BlackBerry has shifted over the past few years from a smartphone-focused company to a software and services conglomerate. Chen talks about the importance of the phone itself and getting BlackBerry's security technology into most smartphones around the globe. He believes making smartphone smarter is all in the software. In moving away from devices, BlackBerry has driven full-force into autonomous technology, helping to put Canada's first self-driving car on the road. He explains that he doesn't see the company as competing with Apple in the self-driving car space and wants BlackBerry to be the leader of communication within the autonomous industry. He also addresses media reports surrounding the exit of BlackBerry's patent licensing director, saying it's "not important" and the company "has it under control." Plus, Chen gives his opinion on U.S. and China relations. Since President Trump took office, China has been "impressively quiet and mute" on trade. He's encouraged by this and hopes behind-the-scenes talks are thoughtful and moving in the right direction.