Bombas Makes Socks That Feel Good and Do Good for the Homeless

December 6, 2018

By Samantha Errico

When Bombas co-founder Randy Goldberg learned that socks were the most-requested item in homeless shelters, he became "obsessed" ー and turned his fixation into a company so he could solve the shortage.

Goldberg told Cheddar Thursday that most homeless shelters ー for reasons of hygiene ー don't accept donated socks. Eventually, he launched Bombas to manufacture a durable, yet comfortable sock that shelters could use.

"For us, we saw a problem that we wanted to help solve," he said.

According to Goldberg, the problem may have been simple, but the solution was anything but. In fact, he said the socks ー designed with high-quality fibers and honeycomb structure to stay up on wearers' heels ー took almost two years to develop.

"There is nothing simple about the sock," Goldberg said.

His design team built two versions: one for regular customers, another for the homeless population. For every pair purchased, his company donates one pair to a shelter. To date, the company has donated over 12 million pairs of socks.

"It's part of our DNA," Goldberg said of this business model.

In order to be more transparent with customers, the e-commerce company has launched "The Bombas Directory," an interactive platform that connects customers to over 1,700 of Bombas' giving partners.

The socks, at $12 a pair, aren't cheap ー but Goldberg set the price to offset both the cost of design and the advanced technology involved in the construction.

What about that pesky laundry room problem? Bombas has a solution for that too: the company just launched a "Laundry Back Guarantee" feature that replaces socks its customers lost to laundry machines and cavernous dryers.

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