When it comes to venture capital and start-up culture, there is a huge gender gap. According to Pitchbook, in 2016 VCs invested $58.2 billion in companies with all-male founding teams. That number is significantly hiring than the amount of VC dollars that went toward all-female founded teams. The ladies received just $1.46 billion. When it came to the number of companies financed, 5,839 male-founded companies made the cut versus the just 359 female-founded firms.

Bossygrl is a new app and platform that is looking to help female entrepreneurs launch their ideas and create businesses. The app became available on December 6th and is focused on Gen Z.

Eileen Gittins is the founder and CEO of Bossygrl and she joins Cheddar to explain the need for her new company. Gittins is a successful entrepreneur who has received VC backing multiple times throughout her career. Gittins want to see a future where the opportunity gap between men and women no longer exists. For her, Gen Z was the smartest group to target because of their drive, connection to tech, and attitude toward work and acheiving success.