This week both Bitcoin and Ethereum surpassed new milestones. After surpassing the $11,000 mark this week, Bitcoin is now trading at $9,614. Nick Spanos, Founder of Bitcoin Center NYC and Ryan Vlastelica, Reporter at Marketwatch, break down their take on the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin has been extremely volatile to its inception, but this past year has seen a major move to the upside, says Vlastelica. While the IRS treats Bitcoin like a commodity, Vlastelica explains how this cryptocurrency is being legitimized by other financial markets. Big steps include introducing futures contracts tethered to cryptocurrency, a Bitcoin based ETF, and corporate use of blockchain.

Spanos launched Bitcoin Center NYC, a brick-and-mortar place dedicated to promoting Bitcoin, and says he doesn't think Bitcoin is in a bubble. He thinks Bitcoin still has a way to go upward, and only 21 million Bitcoin in the world will ever be released on Blockchain.