Chat Sports is a rapidly-growing live sports network for digital platforms. CEO and founder James Yoder reveals what goes into building a network from scratch, and weighs in on today's big sports headlines. He breaks down Chat's current slate of programming, and explains how it's performing on Facebook Live.

Yoder also reveals why he thinks sports makes for such resonant content, specifically on social media. Then, he discusses why ESPN's consistently-shrinking subscriber base is a win for networks like his. After raising over $3.5 million in venture funding, Yoder tells us what's next for the network.

Finally, we tackle the biggest sports headlines of the day. Yoder explains the Los Angeles Lakers' recently-instated "Lavar Ball rule." He says the guideline, which prohibits the media from congregating in the area of the stadium reserved for players' families, is a long time coming. Yoder also gives his take on Colin Kaepernick's inclusion on Time Magazne's shortlist for its Person of the Year. Kapernick would be the first athlete ever chosen for the distinction.