Burger King Looks to Coffee Subscription Program to Build Breakfast Buzz: CMO

March 18, 2019

By Spencer Feingold

Of the millions of Americans who wake up every day thinking about coffee, not many then think about Burger King.

However, the fast food chain hopes to change that with a new coffee subscription service launched last week. The BK Café subscription program offers customers a cup of coffee every day for just $5 a month.

“When you think of Burger King, coffee is probably not the thing that comes top of mind,” Fernando Machado, the company’s chief marketing officer, told Cheddar on Monday.

By offering 31 cups of coffee over 31 days for just $5 ー close to the price of a single specialty drink at other coffee chains like Starbucks ($SBUX) ー Burger King, a subsidiary of Restaurant Brands International ($QSR), hopes its customers will begin to associate the restaurant with breakfast. The subscription is offered on the company’s app, which was relaunched at the end of last year.

The BK Café program “taps into a behavior that already exists, especially with the younger generation, which is subscription,” Machado said. "It's a whole play around coffee and around technology through the mobile app."

The company also hopes that by increasing engagement on the app, it will be able to leverage more personal information from customers, which can then be used to improve services or further increase loyalty with other incentives.

He said the program is already a success in one respect ー it's gotten people talking.

“We are seeing a lot of people talking about it when they would otherwise not talk about Burger King in relation to breakfast and coffee.” he said.

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