By Tracey Cheek

Body-care brand Busy Beauty wants over-taxed women to spend less time on primping.

"We developed a full line of products that let women completely skip the shower if they either don't feel like it, or don't have the time," said Jamie Steenbakkers, the company's co-founder and COO.

That line includes shower-less shave gel, body wipes, and dry shampoo and conditioners.

"We started off with our shower-less shave gel and that's when we realized that millennials don't want to waste hours of time every day, and we kind of discovered that there's this big trend going on inside the personal care industry that's shifting towards dry products." Steenbakkers told Cheddar, adding that dry shampoos already claim 16 percent of the overall shampoo market.

Busy Beauty, founded in May of 2017, is backed by some big investors, including former Burt’s Bees and Seventh Generation CEO, John Replogle, and former president and CEO of Travelocity, Courtney Reum. The company has raised $500,000 thus far, and is planning on a second round of funding.

Busy Beauty products are available both in-store and online.

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