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Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Tuesday, October 4, 2022:


As the U.S. and Caribbean deal with the aftermath of Ian, Mexico is emerging after Hurricane Orlene made landfall. It hit the tourist area of Mazatlán on the Pacific Coast with heavy rains and rapidly weakened to a tropical storm before dissipating Monday, a far cry from the Category 4 winds it was sustaining over the weekend. Meanwhile, Ian’s death toll has topped 100, and damage estimates range from $28 billion to $47 billion. And President Joe Biden went to Puerto Rico to survey damage caused by Hurricane Fiona, which hit two weeks ago.


Wall Street started the week with a bang. The Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S&P 500 were all up more than 2%, marking the best day in months. We have falling bond yields to thank, but over in the U.K., investors were cheering, too. New Prime Minister Liz Truss killed a planned tax cut for the rich that had tanked markets there. Once the treasury chief announced the plan was scrapped, the London exchange popped 2%.


Kim Kardashian is out of the crypto ad game, at least for a few years. She has agreed to pay a $1.26 million fine for promoting Ethereum Max, a crypto security, on Instagram without revealing it was a paid ad. Kardashian will forgo the $250,000 she received for the mention, and she’ll have to refrain from promoting crypto to her 330 million followers for three years. In other crypto news, top regulators are recommending enacting new regulations on digital currency so that it doesn't have the ability to destabilize the U.S. economy.


The new session for the Supreme Court is underway, now with Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson hearing cases. Yesterday the body heard a dispute over the Clean Water Act, looking at how broadly the government can apply the act that is intended to help protect wetlands and waterways. Today it will hear a case on whether Alabama redistricting diluted the voice of Black voters, and later in the session it will hear a case challenging immunity for tech companies under the Communications Decency Act. Meanwhile, The Onion, a satire news organization that has tricked us all at one point or another, filed an actual amicus brief with the Supreme Court in defense of parody.
Yes, we checked several sources to make sure we were not being tricked by The Onion story.


Women's pro soccer has been engulfed in systemic emotional abuse and sexual coercion for years, according to an independent investigation. The allegations first emerged last year when players Sinead Farrelly and Mana Shim accused then-North Carolina coach Paul Riley of misconduct. After that, half of the coaches in the National Women's Soccer League were fired or stepped down due to similar allegations. After interviewing more than 200 people and digging through 89,000 pages of documents, investigators say this type of abuse doesn't just begin at the pro level; girls are taught to deal with verbally abusive coaches and blurred boundaries at the youth level.


The trial has begun for the head of the extremist group Oath Keepers and four of his associates for their roles in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. In their opening arguments, prosecutors accused the suspects of an "armed rebellion" for forcibly trying to stop the peaceful transition of power after the 2020 presidential election. The attorney for Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the group, says they were there on a "peacekeeping" mission and had no intention of violence that day.

We live in a world where "armed rebellion" and "peacekeeping" can mean the same thing.


A Moscow court has agreed to hear the appeal case on Oct. 25 for WNBA star Brittney Griner, who was sentenced to nine years in prison for carrying vape canisters with cannabis oil through the airport there. She was detained in February while in the country to play in the Russian league during the WNBA's off-season. WNBA players who previously have worked in Russia have opted not to return this year.
We're sure this will be a fair hearing.


Altria’s decision to terminate its non-compete agreement with Juul Labs opens the big tobacco company up to other opportunities in a burgeoning space, experts say. Juul’s market share and value have tumbled in recent years in response to a number of regulatory hits, public relations fiascos and lawsuits, opening up its largest investor to pursue developing its own vape company or acquiring an existing one.
It's hard to remember, but this is what we were all talking about in February 2020.


SACHEEN LITTLEFEATHER: Actor and activist Sacheen Littlefeather has died at the age of 75. She famously spoke on behalf of Marlon Brando when he refused to accept the 1973 Best Actor Oscar for "The Godfather." Littlefeather faced significant backlash after her short speech and finally received an official apology from the Academy in August.
WILL SMITH: It had to come eventually, and we now know that actor Will Smith's first project after The Slap will come out this December on Apple TV+. "Emancipation," which will be distributed with Apple, hits theaters Dec. 2 and will be available for streaming on Dec. 9.
PALEY WKND: Media, entertainment and sports are back — and the industry is welcoming everyone with open arms. Non-profit organization The Paley Center for Media threw a block party in the heart of Manhattan with some of the biggest media companies to celebrate the return of in-person production and events. But while the activities — which included getting slimed with Nickelodeon — were fun, organizers hoped that people would see that the media could be the “undisputed connector” especially in these times. 


Talk about a great pumpkin, Charlie Brown! A pumpkin near Buffalo, N.Y., has broken a national heavyweight record by weighing in at 2,554 pounds. We know there are plenty of you out there who live for autumn, so if you want to check out the giant gourd with your own eyes, it'll be on display at Great Pumpkin Farm in the town of Clarence until Oct. 16. Alas, it is not the greatest pumpkin in the world. That honor belongs to a giant in Italy that clocked in around 2,700 pounds last year.


Check out our new episode of Celebrity Lemonade Stand, where we dive into the humble beginnings of some of your favorite actors, athletes, musicians and entrepreneurs. This week, Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn shares what her first job was before skiing started to pay the bills, and why she might think about letting former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning take over her social media accounts for a day.