Two-thirds of Americans say they're planning on getting up early, waiting on line, and braving the crowds to participate in Black Friday. Family Circle's Lynya Floyd says the price cuts could lead to unanticipated overspending and financial stress. She joins Cheddar with a guide of what to watch for, and where you might lose money heading into the holiday shopping season. Floyd says it might be best to hold off on shopping for your big-ticket items until after the holiday rush ends. She says prices tend to be even lower in December and January. If you can't wait, most discounts are available online, anyways. She details the different types of bait-and-switch tactics and marketing schemes that might wind up costing you. Floyd also breaks down the dangers of store credit cards. She says they come with high annual interest rates that are usually eight percent higher than regular credit cards. Floyd also says one of the season's hottest gifts, the iPhone X, might come with an unnecessary cost. She says buying AppleCare doesn't make sense for everyone, and that only one in five people actually experience the types of problems that make the policy worthwhile.