Lord Jameson Dog Patisserie makes organic handmade dog treats, for a good cause. A portion of every sale goes to help service and therapy dogs.

Sarah Goldberger founded the company in honor of her dog Lord Jameson. She had been making his food for years when, one day, she realized that she had a business on her hands. After years of testing, she settled on a coconut-based recipe. In honor of the holidays, Lord Jameson is selling a number of special holiday flavors.

Goldberger also shares the story of how she and her husband first found Lord Jameson, who was a therapy dog. Ever since, they have been committed to helping other therapy and service dogs, which is why a portion of the company's sales go to organizations across the country that help these dogs. Goldberger says next year they plan to help an organization that takes homeless dogs and trains them for service.