"Black Panther" is still breaking records, but Disney is on to the next blockbuster as "A Wrinkle in Time" hits theaters. MadameNoire's Brande Victorian joins Cheddar to discuss whether the studio can keep its hot streak alive with the fantasy movie. Critics are praising the film's visuals, but the story isn't going over quite as well.

A new report from The Daily Beast suggests the NYPD may be getting closer to arresting Harvey Weinstein. Victorian speaks to why it's up to the Manhattan District Attorney to put the move in motion. The managing editor says putting the embattled producer behind bars would be a major vote of confidence for the Me Too movement.

Michael B. Jordan is turning Frances McDormand's Oscar speech into action. The actor's production company will start implementing the inclusion rider contractual clause that went viral after the Academy Awards. Victorian reveals what this move means to increasing diversity on Hollywood sets.