When the San Francisco 49ers face off against the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV next Sunday, co-founder Jake Bullock wants Bay Area fans to pick hometown cannabis-infused Cann drinks to bring to viewing parties.
The company, which just announced it raised $5 million, hopes its cannabis-infused "social tonic" makes its way to football parties alongside alcohol or in place of alcohol, Bullock told Cheddar Friday.
Cann launched in California, so Bullock said there were only 600 places "where we can legally sell in the entire state. Compare that to alcohol, which is hundreds of thousands."
He said the company is looking to "change the way people socialize," by providing a social drink.
As the 'sober curious movement' continues to gain steam, Bullock sees an opening for Cann.
Consumers are "tired of having to drink alcohol to be social," he said. "What we do with Cann is we're starting to give folks a social beverage that's better for their bodies."
Bullock also hinted that the company has something "spicy" in the pipeline of beverage flavors coming later this year.