"Cannabis for Dummies" hit bookshelves Tuesday, but author and cannabis communications veteran Kim Casey sees big opportunity in hemp. Casey said accessibility is part of what's driving the surge in interest in hemp and hemp-derived CBD, a cannabinoid that won't get users high.

"I think that the hemp-derived CBD, which is the movement that seems to be running across our country, is again a very comfortable piece for consumers and that is because ... THC is extraordinarily limited," Casey said. "I think people can reap the benefits without fear."

It doesn't hurt that hemp is legal on the federal level, following the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. Still rules and regulations can be complicated and expensive to navigate and cannabis culture can be overwhelming, Case said. She hopes "Cannabis for Dummies" will provide veteran entrepreneurs, investors, and casual consumers, alike, with enough insight to make the industry just a little bit more accessible.

"We go through everything from plant chemistry and how to walk into a dispensary to how you might be using cannabis for a potential symptom support," she said. "We go through a lot of pieces that I think will really make people able to take that comfortable step without feeling overwhelmed by the jargon and the lingo of something they may not necessarily be comfortable with."

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