Young adults across the country will be descending upon their college campus in a matter of weeks! Today's students have a unique opportunity to learn about marijuana and we're not talking about hot boxing in the parking lot between classes. Universities across the country now offer classes for students looking to enter the industry, whether it be related to growing the plant or geared toward the health care industry. At the University of Oregon, administrators treat cannabis the same way they treat alcohol. They want their students to understand policies for legal use and best practices. They even created guidelines and educational initiatives designed to help students stay safe and informed. Kerry Frazee, Director of Prevention Services at the University of Oregon, joined Cheddar to discuss. The University of Connecticut launched an online cannabis course this summer, available to students nationally. The course, Horticulture of Cannabis: from Seed to Harvest, covers everything from growing cannabis to the biochemistry of plants. Gerald Berkowitz, the University of Connect professor who spearheaded the program, joined Cheddar to discuss. Even in states where marijuana is legal, students aren't allowed to consumer or possess marijuana on campus. CheddarU Correspondent, Skylar Webb, joined Cheddar to discuss.