Some of the biggest names in sports, music and entertainment spoke to Cheddar about entering the industry. You know him from hits like "My House," "Whistle," and "Wild Ones." Now, Flo Rida is getting into the CBD business. The musician spoke to Cheddar about going from "Low" to high. If there's any family name that naturally connects to the world of cannabis, it's probably Marley. So it should come as little surprise that one of his sons, Rohan, is seeking to open a medical marijuana dispensary in the Garden State. Rohan Marley spoke to Cheddar about applying for a license to open a dispensary in Montclair, New Jersey in a partnership with the Colorado-based Lightshade. From the gridiron to "greener" pastures. Retired New England Rob Gronkowski recently announced his partnership with CBDMedic, a product of Woonsocket, Rhode Island's Abacus Medical Products. That collaboration includes a "Gronk-Inspire" line of CBD products set to launch in 2020. Rob Gronkowski and Perry Antelman, CEO of Health Products, joined Cheddar to discuss. There's a new heavy hitter coming to the California cannabis scene: Mike Tyson. The former heavyweight champion is lending his name and likeness to Tyson Ranch, a new brand of cannabis products. Cheddar's Alyssa Julya Smith joins Tyson at his company headquarters in Los Angeles to discuss the intersection of sports and marijuana.