California is the largest legal cannabis market in the world which means it's also the largest legal cannabis vaping market in the world - but that might be changing soon. The Los Angeles City Council is currently reviewing a proposal to ban all THC vaping products for one year in light of the national health scare. Adam Spiker of the Southern California Coalition joins Cheddar to discuss the potential fallout for the industry. Al Harrington has already made the move from the n-b-a to marijuana mogul. Harrington entered the cannabis space nearly a decade ago, founding the CBD company harrington wellness and later viola, cannabis company that includes flowers, vape pens and extracts. A bill protecting banks that work with cannabis companies passed in the House but faces an uncertain future in the Republican-controlled Senate. The SAFE Banking Act is designed to address the legal and financial challenges resulting from marijuana being legal in some states, but still illegal on the federal level. John Vardaman, Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel, Simplifya, joined Cheddar to discuss the likelihood of the bill becoming law.