At least 18 people have died from vaping-related illnesses across 15 U.S. states and more than 100 cases of lung injuries associated with e-cigarettes have been reported across the country. In response, Massachusetts banned the sale of all vape products for 4 months. Other states, like Michigan, have enacted flavored vape bans. Kris Krane, president and co-founder of 4Front says prohibition won't solve the vaping crisis and argues legalizing cannabis could be the answer. Krane joined Cheddar to explain. According to researchers at the University of Colorado-Boulder, 8 in 10 cannabis users in a state where marijuana is legal, use marijuana either shortly before or after they exercise. And those incorporating marijuana into their pre or post workout, reported getting 43 more minutes of exercise per week than cannabis users who didn't. Trainer, nutritionist, and president of Fighterdiet, Pauline Nordin joined Cheddar to discuss. MedMen has terminated its deal to acquire Pharmacann. The cannabis license owner and retailer announced they were nixing the $682 million dollar all stock deal. Brian Lauvray, Head of Development and Strategy at MMLG joined Cheddar to break down what went wrong. With edibles getting more and more gourmet every day, it's harder than ever to tell the difference between cannabis-infused food and the real thing. Cheddar's Alyssa Julya Smith and Max Godnick put their senses to the test in a game of 'Guess the Edible!'