The 2020 election is now just under a year away. While the pundits on cable news argue about states turning red or blue, we're taking a look at which states might go green next November. Josh Horn, co-chair of the Cannabis Law Practice at Fox Rothschild joined Cheddar to discuss which states may put marijuana on the ballot. Endocannabinoid consultancy firm, Hava ECS, just announced an education program for the medical and legal communities aimed at filling the gap of misinformation that exists between cannabis science, legislation and the medical community. Rob Dhoble, Managing Director at Havas ECS and John Ponsoll, Managing Director of Havas Medical Education joined Cheddar to discuss. Illinois recently became the first u-s state to legalize adult use cannabis through the state legislature. That law also also included a slate of social equity provisions intended to repair decades of damage from cannabis criminalization by giving minorities a chance to participate in the new and legal marijuana economy. Still, there's reason to believe some individuals could have trouble paying the $2,500 application fee for dispensary licenses. That's why Chicago entrepreneur, Seke Ballard, is offering to front marijuana dispensary application fees for 100 social equity candidates. Ballard joined Cheddar to discuss.