Ruben Östlund, writer and director of "The Square," discusses his latest film, which took home the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival. The movie, now Sweden's official Oscar Entry for Best Foreign Language Film, explores human behavior and the contradictions that lie within each of us. We dig deep into the climactic scene of the film where an actor, pretending to be an ape at an art gala explored the bystander effect. We dig into Östlund's methods as a director, which place a huge emphasis on multiple takes and repetition. The gala scene in particular, with all cameras involved, ended up being over 200 takes in total. The award-winning director also discusses the reasoning behind his choice in lead actors. "The Handmaid's Tale" star Elizabeth Moss is the leading lady of "The Square," with Östlund applauding her earnest, yet comedic performance with the tricky subject matter. He also explains why he chose Scandinavian actor Claes Bang over all the Hollywood A-listers that were vying for the part. Östlund notes Bang's sensitivity and ability to portray the complexities of a character like "Christian," who is full of human contradictions.