Canon Leans on A.I. for Innovation in the Camera Biz

February 1, 2018
9mo ago

Canon ranked among the top holders of U.S. patents in 2017, beating out Intel, Google, and Amazon. The camera company placed a focus on intellectual property, using imaging technology to drive innovation across industries including business solutions, manufacturing, and medical technology.

Robert Pignataro, Director of New Business for Imaging Technologies & Communications Group at Canon, joined us to share how the company is innovating in the camera business. There are some Canon patents consumers interact with on a daily basis without even realizing. He said every time we turn on the TV, we see the result of their cinema line. The company received a technical Emmy last year for its Cinema U.S. lenses.

A.I. is a big part of Canon's industrial focus. Pignataro said Canon has become more of a software company to help encompass the strength of its hardware. It’s not just cameras. He said innovation in its printing segment has been key as well.