Carla Hall's Thanksgiving and "Friendsgiving" Dinner Hacks

November 13, 2017

If you’re invited to have dinner at someone else’s home this Thanksgiving, or your friends have decided to throw an epic “Friendsgiving,” chef and “The Chew” co-host, Carla Hall has some tips for easy-to-prepare meals and appetizers.

For starters, the first thing to remember is to ditch the oven!

“You need to think about something that doesn’t have to go into the oven, because the ovens are going to be full,” she told Cheddar on Monday. She recommends a cheese ball recipe from her co-host Clinton Kelly made with curry and apricot jam.

“It is so good, it is so delicious, she said.

As a southerner, Hall also suggests making a pimento cheese spread, which she says pairs well with some biscuits crackers.

“Even if you’re not from the south, you have brought the party, and people are happy that you’re coming,” she said.

Beyond cold foods, Hall recommends smooth soups that you can ”put into espresso cups, or something that’s really quick...That’s easy,” she said.

The chef also had some tips for those looking to save some money during the holidays. If you're on a budget, Hall proposes making recipes that require fewer ingredients that can have a multi-purpose use.

“For instance, one of the things that I have here is cookie dough,” Hall said. “One dough, three different cookies.” She points out that using cookie cutters or jam fillings can help diversify the options, but will still be budget-friendly.

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