Cartoonist Rob DenBleyker just did the seemingly impossible: He ordered a "nothingburger."
Using the McDonald's delivery app, the creator of web comic Cyanide and Happiness assembled a "cheeseburger" order with no meat, no bun, no mustard, no ketchup, no diced onions, no pickle, no American cheese, and no salt. In other words, he ordered nothing. 
Upon submitting the $9 order (it still came with a delivery fee) DenBleyker said he wasn't sure if McDonald's would simply cancel the order or send him an empty bag. 
As it turned out, it did the latter, but not before workers expressed their confusion [Warning: Some profanity]
DenBleyker didn't respond, and soon enough he got exactly what he ordered. 
Of course, there is nothing new under the sun, not even on the internet. In 2017, MarketWatch reported that a UK man pulled a similar stunt at a digital kiosk — although he didn't have to pay a delivery fee, so his joke only cost him 99 pence. 
What is a nothingburger, by the way? According to the Oxford dictionary, it's "something that is or turns out to be insignificant or lacking in substance." 
Depending on your sense of humor, DenBleyker's achievement could be considered a nothingburger in its own right. Or maybe it's exactly what the internet ordered.