Athletes are looking to get a competitive edge over their opponents through the use of technology as competition gets stiffer.
Sports tech firm Catapult has rolled out a device that hopes to help with assessing an athlete's workload by measuring speed, acceleration, change of direction, distance, and impact from hits among other data points.
At least one capability of the Catapult GPS monitors, inserted into a uniform, allows coaches and trainers to assess who is overworked and adjust practice sessions as needed or even make a player replacement in-game. 
The NFL has already partnered with Catapult, and all 32 teams are currently utilizing its tracking devices.
The company also is looking to improve competition midgame with the same tech used in player uniforms placed into actual game balls. Teams then will be able to monitor the acceleration, rotation, and position of the ball in play.
Eric MacDonald, the director of product management at Energous Corporation, told Cheddar News that the tech allows teams to make in-game or mid-practice adjustments, which ultimately elevates competition.
"Rather than feedback at the end of a game or the end of a training session, the coaches on the sideline can see the feedback immediately and provide that right away," he said.
Corrects that Eric MacDonald works at Energous Corporation.