By Carlo Versano

For a country that spends $72 billion a year on its pets, it would follow that some of the biggest trends in health and wellness eventually make their way to the domain of our furry friends.

Vanity Fair reporter Joanna Brenner says CBD, the non-psychoactive compound in marijuana, is the next frontier in pet wellness.

CBD is being produced by numerous pet supply companies ー legacy suppliers as well as online start-ups ー in chew, oil and treat forms to address everything from anxiety to arthritis to seizures in animals. In many cases, companies are re-marketing CBD products for humans as pet-friendly, which people are finding through social media and word of mouth.

The passage of the Farm Bill, which took industrial hemp off the list of schedule I narcotics, has helped lead to a boon in CBD production and marketing, Brenner said. And pet owners have anecdotally reported that CBD has appeared to show similar benefits in pets as it has in humans. Some told Brenner that a dose of CBD has helped neurotic dogs and cats and has even seemed to ease limping in pets with arthritis.

Brenner reported that veterinarians, who are legally banned from discussing CBD as treatment except in California, are excited about the possibilities in treating a range of ailments, especially in aging animals ー "a huge step in the right direction," as one told her. But it may be a while until there is any kind of formal recommendation for CBD treatments for pets.

"It's still a hazy area," she said.

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