On St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S., they say everyone is Irish.

But they might not be celebrating the holiday like they would across the pond, according to the co-founder of New York City’s Dead Rabbit bar and restaurant.

“Over here, it’s more of a ‘let’s get drunk’ fest, and people dress up like it’s Halloween,” Sean Muldoon told Cheddar. “In Ireland, you do wear green, but it’s treated like Thanksgiving. It’s treated respectably.”

Muldoon had a few tips for those looking to celebrate more “traditionally” this weekend.

“It is an all-day affair. It starts very early and it finishes late,” he said. “Pace yourself, drink plenty of water, and eat plenty of food.”

His Dead Rabbit co-founder Jack McGarry also wants to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself by making a rookie mistake.

“Irish people spell St. Patrick’s with two d’s, [not two t’s],” he said. “We’re not celebrating burgers.”