All Black History Month long, Cheddar News is highlighting industry trailblazers that continue to carve their own paths and set trends across a number of disciplines. 
Small business-owner and chef Marcus Samuelsson appeared on Cheddar News from his Hav & Marv restaurant, which is located in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. Samuelsson is no stranger to the restaurant business as he owns 12 different eateries.
Part of his plan as Black business owner, he said, is to make his restaurants more inclusive for not just the patrons, but also having diversity among his staff.
"I think it's important to be intentional with what you want and what you want your community to look like," he said. "High-end or fine dining is a very sort of privileged space."
After having appeared on the Food Network and opening up several successful businesses, when it comes to setting trends and being a model that up and coming business owners of color can look to for inspiration on their own visions, Samuelsson said he feels a sense of responsibility.
"For me, it's not about who's in the media, it's about jobs and ownership, and creating jobs and creating value propositions so people want to come back into the industry," he said. "I think that as leaders, its really important for us to kick down those doors, open it up and make it more democratic."