Good News: It's Still Out There!
It's bleak. I get it. But there are some amazing stories out there if you know where to look, from the power of mother nature to the resilience of the human spirit.
After days of piecemeal announcements from pro athletes about how they're donating their salaries to help the employees of the arenas they call home ー Kevin Love and Zion Williamson among them ー we're finally starting to see league-wide action. Major League Baseball says it has commitments from all 30 teams to kick in $1 million apiece for an emergency relief fund that will go to stadium workers like ushers, vendors, and cleaners who will be out of work with the season postponed.
There's also been a marked decrease in some global emissions since the beginning of the year ー a result of economic activity in all its forms grinding to a halt. A new study from a Stanford scientist estimates the reduction in pollution in China may save 77,000 lives alone. The European Space Agency's Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service shows the "abrupt change in activity levels" of nitrogen dioxide over northern Italy. In Venice, the swans are back in the famed Canals, where the water is clear for the first time in the memories of many Venetians.
We also can't fail to mention the story of Bob Shellard, a Connecticut man whose story went viral this week when it was reported by the local NBC affiliate.
Bob's wife, Nancy, is in a nursing home and he wasn't able to be with her on their wedding anniversary due to state precautions. It's the first time in nearly seven decades of marriage that the couple was apart. So Bob went and stood outside his beloved's window with balloons and a homemade sign that read: "I've loved you 67 years, and I still do."
For the record, Nancy reportedly saw him from her window and blew kisses. Here's to the lovebirds reuniting soon.