Hosts: Kristen Scholer, Freddie B Guests: Madeline Lanciani, Robert Aramayo + Bug Hall Harley, Dean Stattmann, Jamie Bolding, Deborah Lippmann, Jason Hoch A-Block - (Scholer, B) LIVE: 12:30PM- Top News TBD - 4 News/Culture Items **Interstitial #1:Team USA's Trans Athlete- Chris Mosier on his new Nike ad. B-Block - (Scholer, B, Stattmann) LIVE: 12:50PM Dean Stattmann, Deputy Editor, Digital Projects at Men’s Health Lower Third: Dean Stattmann, Deputy Editor of Digital Projects at Men’s Health, @MensHealth OR @deanstattmann HED: Getting rid of your workout excuses DEK: Workout tips and inspiration that will help you hack your workout **Interstitial #2: Robyn Shapiro- Seek Foods - Co-Founder--bug food C- Block - (Scholer, B, Aramayo, Hall) LIVE: 1:00PM Robert Aramayo + Bug Hall, Harley and the Davidsons Lower Third: Robert Aramayo + Bug Hall, Harley and the Davidsons, @harleyandthedavidsons Lower Third: Robert Aramayo, Discovery’s “Harley and the Davidsons”, @robaramayo Lower Third: Bug Hall, Discovery’s “Harley and the Davidsons”, @Bug_Hall HED: What you didn’t know about Harley Davidson DEK: The story of the world’s biggest motorcycle empire comes to the Discovery Channel’s **Interstitial #3: Treats! Magazine- Steve Shaw- Publisher why they are different from Playboy D-Block (Scholer, B, Bolding) LIVE: 1:10PM (VIA SKYPE) Jamie Bolding, Founder & CEO Jungle Creations Lower Third: Jamie Bolding, Founder & CEO Jungle Creations, @viralthread HED: What’s the recipe for a viral sensation DEK: Founder of Jungle Creations on what makes memes and videos go viral. **Interstitial #4: (outside/LAUREN WILL INTERVIEW) Madeline Lanciani, Chef Duane Park Patisserie Lower Third: Madeline Lanciani, Chef Duane Park Patisserie, @duaneparkpatisserie E- Block - (Scholer, B, Lippmann) LIVE: 1:20PM - Deborah Lippmann, Celebrity Manicurist Lower Third: Deborah Lippmann, Celebrity Manicurist, @deborahlippmann HED: Celebrity manicurist brings us the hottest nail trends DEK: Nail Polish mogul Deborah Lippmann on the must have manicures, and how they come up with those crazy nail polish names. **Interstitial Anna Kaiser- Celebrity Trainer corrects common workout mistakes F-BLOCK- (Scholer, B, Hoch) LIVE: 1:20PM (via Skype) Jason Hoch, Chief Content Officer, HowStuffWorks Lower third: Jason Hoch, Chief Content Officer, HowStuffWorks @howstuffworks HED: What your playlist says about you DEK: Jason Hoch from HowStuffWorks on how your personality shapes the music you listen to.