Hosts: Kristen Scholer, Freddie B Guests: Lindsey Stanberry & Charlotte Japp, Georgina Pazcoguin, Charles Chen, Sara Shikhman + 3 gents, Kelsey Eberly A-Block - (Scholer, B) LIVE: 12:30PM- Top News **Interstitial #1 -Dean Stattmann, Deputy Editor, Men's Health How do you know which supplements to use? B-Block - (Scholer, B, Stanberry, Japp) LIVE: 12:50PM Lindsey Stanberry, Living Features Director of Refinery29 & Charlotte Japp, subject of their “Get the F Out” Campaign Lower Third: Lindsey Stanberry, Living Features Director of Refinery29, @refinery29 Lower Third: Charlotte Japp, Moved back home 3 years ago, @charliehorsejapp HED: Moving Back in with Mom & Dad DEK: With so many millennials moving back home, Refinery29 explores how they’re making it work. Interstitial #2-Robert Aramayo & Bug Hall, Harley & The Davidsons Stars of Harley and the Davidsons: what you didn't know about the legendary motorcycle company. C- Block - (Scholer, B,) LIVE: 1:00PM Emily Longeretta, Entertainment TV Editor, HollywoodLife Lower Third: Emily Longeretta, Entertainment TV Editor, HollywoodLife @hollywoodlife HED: Johnny Depp, The Walking Dead, and more from HollywoodLife DEK: Emily Longeretta of HollywoodLife dishes on the latest celebrity and TV news. Interstitial #3-Michaela Bethune, Head of Campaigns How Millennials are helping the homeless with simple feminine products D-Block (Scholer, B, Pazcoguin) LIVE: 1:10PM Georgina Pazcoguin, Actress in Broadway’s revival of CATS Lower Third: Georgina Pazcoguin, Broadway’s CATS, @catsbroadway HED: CATS is back on Broadway! DEK: One of the hit musical’s newest stars, ballerina Georgina Pazcoguin, on taking a break from ballet shoes to put on whiskers. **Interstitial #4: (OUTSIDE: LAUREN INTERVIEW) Sara Shikhman, CEO and Co-Founder of Rent A Gent + 3 “gents” Lower Third: Sara Shikhman, CEO and Co-Founder of “Rent A Gent”, @rentagent E- Block - (Scholer, B, Eberly) LIVE: 1:20PM - VIA SKYPE Kelsey Eberly, Litigation Fellow at Animal Legal Defense Fund Lower Third: Kelsey Eberly, Lead Attorney at Animal Legal Defense Fund, @animallegaldefensefund HED: Fighting for Animals in Court DEK: Kelsey Eberly from the Animal Legal Defense Fund, on the key animal rights battles being fought right now. TALKING POINTS - foie gras - possibly sea world - lions in iowa **Interstitial #5: Madeline Lanciani, Chef, Duane Park Patisserie You know you want artisanal ring dings F-Block- (Scholer, B, Chen) LIVE: 1:20PM Charles Chen, Chef & Creator of Lower third: Charles Chen, Chef & Creator of, @charleschentv HED: Party In Your Mouth DEK: Chef Charles Chen’s pop-up dinners are changing the way people think about food.