Hosts: Kristen Scholer, Freddie B, Alyssa Smith Guests: David Tochiano, Sandra Di Capua, Lauren Sieckmann, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Gabrielle Edwards & Jordan Edward, Erik Davis A-Block - (Scholer, B) LIVE: 12:30PM- Top News **Interstitial #1 - Refinery29's 'Get the F Out' project - Charlotte Japp on dating while living with your parents B-Block - (Scholer, B, Polizzi) LIVE: 12:50PM Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, International television personality Lower Third: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, International television personality, @snookinic HED: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi talks ‘Moms With Attitude’ DEK: “Snooki” on motherhood and post-Jersey Shore Life **Interstitial #2- Georgina Pazcoguin from Cats on Broadway talks about becoming a 'Cat' C- Block - (Scholer, B, Tochiano) LIVE: 1:00PM David Tochiano, Co-Founder of Mayanoki Sushi Lower Third: David Tochiano, Co-Founder of Mayanoki Sushi, @mayanoki HED: Sushi with a conscience DEK: David Tochiano talks about Mayanoki’s local, sustainable model **Interstitial #3- Charles Chen, Chef & Creator of on losing 100 pounds while still eating nachos D-Block (Scholer, B, Di Capua) LIVE: 1:10PM Sandra Di Capua, Partner at Kellogg's Cafe Lower Third: Sandra Di Capua, Partner at Kellogg's Cafe, @kelloggsus HED: Get your spoons ready! DEK: Kellogg’s takes us on a tour of its first cereal cafe **Interstitial #4: (OUTSIDE WITH ALYSSA): Lauren Sieckmann, Creator of the Whole Body Program, Talking points: Workout moves you can do anywhere What is the Whole Body Program E- Block - (Scholer, B, Davis) LIVE: 1:20PM - VIA SKYPE Erik Davis, Managing Editor, Fandango Lower Third: Erik Davis, Managing Editor, Fandango, @fandango HED: Sausage Party and beyond DEK: Erik Davis from Fandango reviews the must-see movies of the week **Interstitial #5: F-Block- (Scholer, B, Chen) LIVE: 1:20PM Gabrielle & Jordan Edwards, Founders of Mixology Clothing Co. Lower third: Gabrielle & Jordan Edwards, Founders of Mixology, @shopmixology HED: Styled by Mixology DEK: Gabrielle & Jordan Edwards on why Mixology appeals from everyone from celebs to millennials