Cheddar Rides- A First Look at The Airbus A321Neo, Talks with Tezlab and Gocycle

On this week's Cheddar Rides we covered a wide range of topics. We started off talking to Richard Thorpe, the Designer and Founder of Gocycle. He gave us some insight into Gocycle's new model, the GXi and how it is changing the way cyclists commute and store electric bikes. We then got a first look at JetBlue's Airbus A321neo. The plane had it's first flight out of JFK airport yesterday. Our very own Hope King sat down with Elizabeth Windram, Vice President of Marketing at JetBlue for a tour of the plane. Finally, we looked at the Tezlab app. The company tracks the efficiency and total miles traveled in a Tesla vehicle. For more on the company's business model we spoke to Ben Schippers, CEO of HappyFunCorp, which is the maker of Tezlab.
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