Infrastructure is crumbling around the U.S. and some presidential candidates, if elected are preparing to fix it. Candidates like Biden and Buttigieg are proposing trillion dollar federal funding plans to give the country a needed overhaul. We spoke to Liam Donovan, Principal at Policy Resolution Group, Bracewell LLP and Laura Steinberg, Executive Director of the Infrastructure Institute at Syracuse University. And the takeoff into 2020 has brought even more problems for Boeing: We had the concerning messages from inside Boeing that were shared with Congressional investors, continued problems for the Max 737 and a new CEO. Cheddar's senior reporter, Alan Neuhauser broke it all down. And finally, GMC unveiled its next generation, 2021 Yukon SUV and Yukon XL at an event in Colorado last night. We spoke to Jim Danahy, Executive Chief Engineer for Full-Size Trucks and SUVs at General Motors. We also covered some of the transportation highlights from CES.