In this edition of Cheddar Rides Tim Stenovec was reporting from The Skift Global Forum in New York. This year’s topic is The Greening of Travel, Embracing the Responsibility. The idea is to help the communities that the travel industry profits from as well as being responsible stewards of the environment. The forum is bringing together leaders from the airline, hotel, cruise, home rental industry, and more. Our very own Tim Stenovec had interviews with Arnold Donald, the CEO of the Carnival Corporation and Derek Kerr, the CFO of American Airlines. They spoke about their plans to move the travel companies towards a sustainable future. We also covered the news of the day, with almost 50-thousand general motor workers spending a third day on the picket lines. Those workers want GM to pay them back for pay and benefits they sacrificed when the company was in trouble during the recession. We spoke to Nathan Bomey, Business Reporter at USA Today about the strike and what it means for the auto industry.