Today Cheddar Rides focused on the safety of getting from here to there. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS can assist drivers in avoiding errors in judgement on the road. All of this technology is then integrated with cameras that are nestled behind the windshield. Now a seemingly minor impact can now throw off your entire vehicle. We spoke to Jessica Bailey, ADAS Glass Expert at Safelite. We then looked into hot car deaths and the safety of children in vehicles. 41 children have died in hot cars so far this year, according to Automakers are looking to make this sobering reality a thing of the past, saying they will commit to making rear seat reminder systems the standard for 2025. We spoke to Matt Schmitz, Assistant Managing Editor of about how rear seat reminder systems work. We ended the show looking at the safety of roads and infrastructure around us. As cars become more connected, what about our roadways? In order to pave the way for the electric and potentially autonomous vehicles of the future, our roads and infrastructure are in need of an update. We spoke to Kaan Ozbay, Professor & Director at C2SMART Center.