Cheddar Rides- The Commuting Show

October 2, 2019
Cheddar Rides covered all thing commuting today. Whether its traffic, train delays or crowded subway cars, getting to work can be a struggle. We spoke to Jonathan English, a PhD. candidate in urban planning at Columbia University about the MTA's historic $51.5 billion dollar spending plan to overhaul the transit systems in the city. We also covered carpooling. While carpooling may seem like a green way to commute, it is actually increasing congestion and emissions. Uber and Lyft released a joint report last month showing that their services have contributed to an increase in vehicle miles traveled in cities, by up to 13 percent. We spoke to Sarah Kaufman, Associate Director of the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation. And finally we moved on to the luxury commute. Airshare provides fractional jet ownership through a day based program. It's your plane for the day. Our very own Jill Wagner spoke with John Owen, President and CEO of Airshare at the Terterboro Airport in New Jersey.
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