Cheddar Rides- Up In The Air

August 14, 2019
Cheddar Rides was up in the air today. We started with the quality of air travel. With more passengers packing into planes, airlines continue to reduce seat size, charge for baggage and slash service. We spoke to Brian Sumers, Senior Aviation Business Editor, Skift about how perks have changed on airplanes. We then moved onto private air travel. PrivateFly is a booking platform for on-demand private jet charters. The company offers luxury and business travelers access to more than 7,000 private aircraft. We spoke to Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly about the company's expansion and customer base. We then moved onto unmanned aircraft. The Drone Racing League is a global, professional drone racing circuit for elite drone pilots. Pilots weave their aircraft through 3D courses at top speeds of 90 miles per hour. We spoke to James Van Meter, Regional Head of Aviation & Product Development at Allianz, a company that sponsors the Drone Racing League about popularity of the sport.
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