Working from home can be a challenge, especially when you are a working parent but that is the new normal for some as the coronavirus continues to spread.
Cheddar anchor Jill Wagner has been working from home accompanied by her 17-month-old and says it has been a “challenge.”
“It’s been a tough balance to try and be a journalist and be at 100 percent during a crisis like this and also be in charge of my family and daughter,” Wagner said from her home on Thursday. 
She also wrote an article -- Diary of a Working-From-Home Quasi-Quarantined TV Anchor in NYC, With a 17-Month Old Toddler and Husband Who Works in Finance -- documenting her time as a working mom during a pandemic and says she has leaned on moms for advice about how to find balance at home.
“One of the biggest things, because this has been so challenging for everyone, is to lean on other moms,” she said.