Miki Berardelli, CEO of children's home delivery clothing service Kidbox, discusses how the company stands out from competitors by donating an outfit to a child in need for every box purchased. We discuss the short shelflife for children's clothing, since kids grow so fast. Berardelli notes that this is something that Kidbox addresses by allowing parents to purchase up to 5 boxes a year, curating each for the season - spring, summer, back to school, fall, and holiday. Berardelli also discusses the state of retail and the consumer's transition to online. She adds that she believes brick-and-mortar retail will always be important but that many stores need to focus more on the experience in order to keep buyers coming in. Berardelli adds that Kidbox uses "every feont door of every household as the new face of retail." Our hosts go through a Kidbox live on air, discussing the range of clothing from brands including 7 For All Mankind to Adidas to Jessica Simpson.