Apparently, there is a swath of Marvel and Chris Evans fans that have not accepted the fact that his Steve Rogers will no longer be Captain America. The beloved former superhero even had a message for the masses:
"Anthony Mackie is Captain America. That's the truth," Evans told Cheddar News.
Evans, who has played Captain Steven Grant Rogers and Captain America since 2011, passed the baton to Mackie, who will take up the role of the new Captain America, Sam Wilson. But since Cap wasn't actually killed and instead returned to 1948 to be with the love of his life, the rumor mill surrounding his return to the series is constantly churning — despite the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier making it explicit that the mantle had passed to Mackie's Wilson.
However, Marvel is making that transition of power complete in Captain America: New World Order. The Mackie-led film is slated for a May 2024 release.
Captain America isn't the only storyline changing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans can expect a crop of new faces to pop up as the next phases get underway. Evans said the incoming stars should embrace the die-hard fans and have fun being part of such an iconic franchise.
"Enjoy it. Have fun. It's nice when you're making movies and there's this kind of baked-in-the-cake fanbase. There's this group of people that are really excited to see the work because they have a deep connection with the role, and it's something that's really special to them. It adds a lot of pressure, but it's also a real joy when it works out and when you get to meet those people," Evans said.
You would think after retiring from saving the world, Evans might have some time to spare, but he's as busy as ever. 
His most recent project, The Gray Man, hit Netflix last week. Evans stars alongside Ryan Gosling in the action-thriller that follows an assassin hired to take down a CIA mercenary. Evans also wrapped up shooting for Apple TV's Ghosted, which is set to be released in 2023. He stars in both projects alongside Ana de Armas, noting her professionalism and dedication to the job among the reasons the pair works so well together.
"I think anyone is going to work well with her. She's really good. She's really honest. She makes every scene better, so I just get lucky to stand next to her and let her do the heavy lifting," he told Cheddar. 
He also recently completed negotiations with Netflix for another film, Pain Hustlers.
Right now Evans is partnering with dog nutrition brand Jinx. Evans has a pup of his own named Dodger, which he rescued while filming the 2017 film Gifted.
"Dodger loves [Jinx's] dog food," said Evans. "They seem like they're a great company."
Is there a chance fans will see a film co-starring Evans and Dodger any time soon?
"Maybe not," he said. "He's not the most focused dog."