Cheddar has been covering the biggest news of the week with some of the biggest names. In case you missed it, we've pulled together some of the highlights that will keep you informed as we get ready for the week ahead.

Latest in Music & Entertainment

The Brand Group CEO and lifestyle specialist Miss Diddy joined Cheddar News this week to talk about summer music releases. From Kendrick Lamar and Drake to Beyoncé and Lizzo, she discussed the most anticipated albums of the season and who she's looking forward to hearing from the most. The conversation also turned to awards season, and Miss Diddy has already stamped Kendrick Lamar to win several trophies. "He took some time off and really perfected his craft even better, which we didn't even know we could see, and now he comes with this really bold work of art," she said. "He should take home everything."

Taking Better Care of Pets

Hannah Brown, Dancing With the Stars champion and former Bachelorette, joined Cheddar's Baker Machado this week to talk about pet care. The two were also joined by veterinarian Dr. Callie Harris who drove home the importance of recognizing health milestones in your pet's life. Socialization is key for training your pet, Harris noted to Cheddar News. "Making sure that that new pet is comfortable around other pets, around other people, and especially when they come to see me in the vet clinic is going to be very important," she said. Meanwhile, Brown also talked about her own new puppy. "Wally is an Australian labradoodle and is about eight months old now, so definitely still in his puppy phase," she said. "But every day he's learning and growing and it's new and exciting but also can be a little bit stressful."

Chris Evans Is Busy

There was a Steve Rogers sighting as actor Chris Evans joined Cheddar this week to talk about a number of new projects on his plate, including the recently released Netflix film The Gray Man and Apple TV's Ghosted, which will premiere in 2023. Marvel's former Captain America also dished on his departure from the MCU and had a very special message for those deniers of Sam Wilson who's taking on the mantle in his place. "Anthony Mackie is Captain America. That's the truth," he told Cheddar News.

David A. Arnold's New Netflix Special

Are you in the mood to laugh? Comedian David A. Arnold has a new stand-up special on Netflix titled It Ain't For The Weak. He stopped by Cheddar this week to talk about the project and why his brand of comedy is relatable. He also discussed the importance of tying his family into the content he speaks about on stage. "I do things that are my life, and I've always done that, and I believe that's why my stand-up resonates with everybody," he said. "My daughters are so disgusted that their friends are following me now."

Bobby Bones on 'Snake in the Grass'

Television and radio host Bobby Bones sat with Cheddar News' Baker Machado to dish out deets on his latest hosting gig for USA Network's Snake in the Grass. The reality competition show puts four contestants in the wilderness for 36 hours as they complete challenges for a chance to win $100,000. There is a twist though: one of the team members is the designated snake who attempts to sabotage each challenge. While the show is meant to be fun, Bones said that he hopes that it will help people better discern when people are not being truthful. "I walk you through different ways that people try to get away with things. Not only on the show but maybe you can take that and use it in your real life for your cousin Philip who won't stop lying about paying back that 20 bucks he owes you," he told Cheddar News.