As content streaming increasingly dominates the way people consume entertainment, viewers are opting to watch TV from their living rooms instead of making the trip to theaters. Damson Global, an audio and electronics company, is launching a brand new sound-system device called the S-Series, meant to elevate the entertainment experience. James Talbot, CEO and Co-Founder of Damson, joined us to discuss how his product is bringing innovation to the home cinema system. Amazon Echo Dot sold millions of units over the Thanksgiving Holiday stretch, suggesting it's going to be a big year for electronic devices. Talbot doesn't see Amazon's devices as a threat, but instead an extension of his own products. He adds that the price points for many of the competitors are a pain point for consumers. Although he admits Amazon probably never heard of his brand, Damson is here to make a statement. The shifting retail environment is forcing companies to adjust selling strategies. Talbot says his company's products performed phenomenally on Amazon and other online platforms. Despite being a relatively unknown brand, the CEO says Damson will break barriers by offering unique, convenient, and affordable products.