Cipha Sounds is a comedian, radio host, and DJ who has shared the stage with some of the world's biggest musicians and comedians – from Jay Z to Dave Chappelle. He's also the host of the truTV series Laff Mobb's Laff Tracks, which is introducing the next generation of comedians to audiences. Cipha stops by to talk about comedy, J. Lo, and Dave Chapelle's latest specials.

Sounds explains how the show flips traditional stand-up on its head. Comedians do their routines for an audience, but also act them out with sets and actors.

He also talks about DJing J. Lo's birthday party, and reveals that he's never actually seen Lopez eat any of her birthday cake.

Sounds also discusses the recent controversy surrounding longtime friend Dave Chapelle, who's gotten into some hot water over comments he made about one of Louis C.K.'s accusers. Sounds says Chapelle has always taken risks, while today's comedians tend to be more cautious.