Justin Pinchback, Head of Talent Strategy, and L.J. Brock, Chief People Officer at Citadel, discuss the investment company's Data Open Championship held at the New York Stock Exchange. Justin talks the inspiration behind the "datathon" with the goal of identifying the top students in STEM across the globe. Justin adds that it's an event where you "win or lose based on your merits." The global field of 2,000 was narrowed down to 80 students who compete at the New York Stock Exchange. We also speak about gender in the world of STEM and how there seems to be an effort across various industries to recruit more women to the filed. L.J. adds that the datathon levels the playing field and that 20 of the 80 women who entered the contest will compete in the final. We also discuss the $100,000 grand prize and what students are permitted to do with the money. L.J. notes that students can do what they wish with the cash, but adds that the hope is that they re-invest the money back into themselves. At the stock exchange, students will present their final presentations to judges and have a chance to argue their conclusions.