New York-based rowing studio CityRow has plans to expand.

Founder and CEO Helaine Knapp told Cheddar she is considering bringing its machines into your home.

“When I think about what a holistic platform would be, for a consumer in New York City, in Seattle, in San Fran, or maybe it’s 35 or 45 [miles] outside of a city, it combines both the physical experience as well as at-home,” she said in an interview Friday. “It’ll be a cornerstone of our fundraising.”

Boutique fitness studios like Peloton and SoulCycle have already moved beyond buildings into at-home products. Knapp hopes to secure new funding in the next two to three months to finance her own company’s move into that market.

She says she’ll also look for opportunities to franchise. The company, which currently has two locations in Manhattan, will open a new studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan early this year.

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