Fitness company ClassPass is launching ClassPass Live, a high intensity interval training (HIIT) class bundle. The move is an effort both to reach new clients, and to make the experience more convenient for existing subscribers. CEO Fritz Lanman told Cheddar that the company is trying to bring gym-like experiences into people’s homes via livestreamed classes.

“We are trying to capture the magic of the offline workout experience, of it being immersive, it being a shared experience, it being accountable,” Lanman said. “And brought that into an at-home package that you don’t have to pay $2,000 to get started with.”

Classpass, which recently raised $70 million in a series C funding, is one of many fitness companies that are moving into the at-home workout space. Cycling Studios Peloton and FlyWheel Anywhere recently launched bikes with digital screens that offer livestreamed classes. Both studio bikes retailed at upwards of $1,000, and both offered livestreamed class packages for a $39-a-month subscription.

The executive says the service will cost existing ClassPass subscribers $10, while new subscribers will be charged $15. The service rolls out in early 2018, and the equipment-free classes only require a heart-rate monitor, provided by ClassPass, and presumably an internet-enabled device. Lanman says at-home classes will feature a leader board where exercisers can compete.

“We ship you a starter-kit that comes with a [Google] Chromecast, so you can plug it to your TV, and a heart-rate monitor,” he said.