The Dow jumping after the Senate passes its tax reform bill, but tech stocks are falling. Bitcoin soars to all new highs, the as early investors the Winklevoss twins because the first Bitcoin billionaires. A big healthcare merger, CVS acquires Aetna over the weekend for $59 billion. Netflix is releasing lots of original content this month, including the new blockbuster "Bright", starring Will Smith. Actress Nadia Gray joins us to talk about the film. Everyone's favorite game show in a taxi, "Cash Cab" is returning to TV today after a five year hiatus. The revival's producer is on to talk about what to expect this time around! Plus, one of Cheddar's own producers is a contestant on the show! He'll give us an inside look. Imagine getting financing approved for the car you want, all on your phone. A new app called "Fair" is here to make it a reality. The company's c-e-o explains how it works.