This week's episode of Cheddar's Crypto Craze tackles the latest news and trends in this emerging market. Cheddar's Baker Machado and Brad Smith speak with Fortune Senior Writer Jen Wieczner about the latest headlines.

Bitcoin hovering around the $10,000 mark, but it is still down 50 percent from where it was in December. Wieczner says things are still on the upswing.

This week trading cryptocurrency on Robinhood's platform became available for free, but the roll-out has been gradual. "It's only in five states right now," says Wieczner. "There's still 1.4 million on the waitlist just to trade crypto."

Telegram is raising money for what will likely be the largest initial coin offering in history. The company confirmed with the SEC it has privately raised $850 Million for the offering, and reports say Telegram is planning a second round of private financing. Full Tilt Capital's Managing Partner Anthony Pompliano explains why Telegram has been able to raise so much capital.

TV personality Kelly Killoren Bensimon is out with a fur slipper line. The star posted the release of this new shoe line through Instagram. Bensimon explains the power of social media to connect with her fan base.