Cheddar's weekly program "The Crypto Craze" tracks the latest trends in the cryptocurrency space. Cheddar Anchors Hope King and Brad Smith track the biggest movers of the week, and new ways investors might be able to capitalize on this market.

Coinbase users took to social media and Reddit to complain about glitches on the platform. Coinbase says the root of the problem is credit card processing managed by Visa. But, Visa says they didn't cause the problem. Russell Brandom, Reporter at The Verge, explains the implications of these problems on the platform.

"This was going on for three weeks, and we're talking about thousands of dollars disappearing from people's accounts. That's kind of the worst thing that could happen for a service," said Brandom. "Coinbase has to take a lot of blame for this."

Bitcoin rebounded this week, trading above $10,000 for a short time. It still remains far from its all-time high of $19,000.

Brandom says Coinbase is getting most of the pie right now, but it should expect more and more competitors to emerge as this market continues to grow.

There's a new way to invest in Blockchain technology. Amplify ETFs launched a blockchain-based technology fund under the ticker "Blok" in January. Amplify ETF explains the opportunity he sees in this market, and responds to criticism facing one of the companies in this ETF's holding.

"The smallest position in the fund is Riot Blockchain," said Magoon. "The fund is actively managed so I expect the fund portfolio managers are adjusting the portfolio. This was a controversial company that we did some research in." Shares of Riot Blockchain plummeted after CNBC released a report suggesting the re-branding of the company was done for personal gain.

"Now that news has come out it really seems like the momentum of this stock is going downward, and I'm expecting that come tonight when we update our holdings I wouldn't expect to see that stock in the portfolio based on this report," said Magoon.